The World's Best Tomato Sandwich!

A Southern Tradition...Eat the best tomato sandwiches made from great local tomatoes

One of the primary events of the festival will be the sale of tomato sandwiches. Why are they the best?...
These tomato sandwiches are made using local tomatoes of many varieties all grown by our local backyard growers and small farms. Get with our without mayonnaise. Choose from Duke's, a local mayo or local vegan mayo. Huge thanks to Amelie's French Bakery for providing the bread for the sandwiches!

The tomato sandwich booth will be run by The Bulb, a local non-profit. "The Bulb's mission is "to provide access to local food sources as well as education on health and wellness to vulnerable neighborhoods, namely food deserts."  We do this by creating pop up markets in areas in need that entail market items mostly from local farms, culinary classes, and resources from partner organizations that will act as vendors. 

Proceeds from the sale of tomato sandwiches is split between 100 Gardens and The Bulb so you can eat the best tomato sandwiches and support two great causes.